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Meet some of our team.


Lisa Galea
Creative Alchemist

Meet Lisa, a visionary Conceptual Artist, Entrepreneur, Diverse Thinking advocate and Founder of Creative Change. For over 30 years, Lisa has honed her craft in advertising and design, drawing on principles of behavioural science, visual communication, and consumer psychology to empower others to recognize their worth and build self-confidence.

A true change maker, Lisa is a mentor for the Women Alumni Mentoring Initiative in Papua New Guinea, where she inspires and supports aspiring leaders, and as the National Brand Manager for RizeUP Australia, Lisa is a fierce advocate for families affected by domestic violence.

Lisa is also a passionate Business and Goal Setting Mentor at TheFutur; a school for Business and Design Education, where she helps entrepreneurs and creatives alike harness their unique skills and turn their visions into reality. Lisa believes in the power of diversity and inclusion, and knows that by embracing our differences and tapping into our creativity, we can evolve and thrive as a species. Join Lisa on her mission to build a better world through creativity and change.

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Monique delacy founder CreativeREST a Guided Sleep Meditation Yoga Nidra and Art Journal a
Monique de Lacy
Resident Artist & Retreat Co-ordinator
Monique is our Resident Artist and Retreat Workshop Leader who specialises in creating bespoke workshops on creativity and relaxation.

From teaching workshops in rural China, English in Tokyo, Japan, and running away to teach meditation at a New Age Circus across Central America, Monique draws on a diverse background of travel and teaching to build workshops that work for many modalities and personalities. She is a qualified art therapist and yoga teacher specialising in Yoga Nidra. 

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