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One Green Acre


One Green Acre

Private Chef and Event Catering

One Green Acre offer you and your guests a private chef experience from complete restaurant indulgence in your own home or holiday accommodation, to a full service private chef experience around the Byron Bay region. Our team of mindful and experienced chefs or dining hosts can meet your every request. Our Private Chef Experience is the perfect option to celebrate birthdays, social gatherings, Melbourne Cup or even a pre Christmas get together. With optional styling options available to make your celebration an unforgettable one.

Our chefs illustrate a relaxed spirit with utmost professionalism to sooth you into the unique Byron Bay ethos.

One Green Acre is dedicated to providing the freshest ingredients, attention to detail and a dedication to delicious flavours. Our private chef experience is tailored to your request and is born out of our pursuance of Simply Good Food.

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Retreat in the Byron Bay Hinterland

We are here to help, please get in touch with any questions and we will assist you with your booking.

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