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Ideas for mornings when you wake up early

So you are on holidays....

What to do on those mornings, when you wake up early, and all is quiet around you...

You see the most beautiful things early in the morning, when most of the world is still tucked up in bed; the mist on the fields in the valley as the sun rises through it, the sun rising over the ocean, a whale breaching, dolphins fishing.

Northern NSW, and in particular the Byron Bay coastal and hinterland regions, have the most beautiful natural environments to immerse yourself in. At Sanctuary in The Pocket, we are so blessed to be in the middle of all of this.

You can take a left turn out of our gate and take a walk up to and along the ridgeline of the Inner Pocket nature reserve, early morning birdsong is all around you and you are immersed in nature with beautiful views out to the ocean or you could hop in your car and take a short drive down to South Golden or New Brighton beach, wander through the shore break and watch the ever changing colours of the dawn sky.

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