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The whales are watching...

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Winter - Byron Bay - June to October -

Humpback Whales are big, so big in fact, that when you're in a little boat, they can block out the sun, well almost...

Awe-inspiring, majestic, gentle, these whales have made a magnificent journey back from the edge of extinction to the beautiful thriving population that we have today.

Every June to October, it is like a whale highway as they pass the iconic lighthouse of Byron Bay, on their way to Hervey Bay for their summer holidays. You can watch these magnificent creatures from the lighthouse at Byron, from the beach at Bruns (They'll often come into the bay for a rest and to show off ) or on one of the Whale watching tour boats.

To be in close proximity to one of these creatures is a thing of rare beauty. To share this experience with your friends or the people you love is a treasure

The folk at Blue Bay Whale watching, are super experienced with the local conditions, operate out of Bruns (a mere 12 minutes away), and are fun people to spend three hours with. They'll look after you, provide you with a life highlighting experience and will provide a money back guarantee if no whales are sighted. Why not grab a group of friends or family for a great adventure on one of your days in the Byron Bay Hinterland

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