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Wwoofing in The Pocket, It all started with Aran

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Aaron - Chilling in the Garden

It all started with Aaron..

After understanding the enormity of the challenge ahead, what were the options ?

A number of people had mentioned Wwoofers, and after doing a little research, we plunged right in, joined Wwwoof Australia, and waited with baited breath for our first contact.

This was the start of a two year journey to renovate all the Cottages, Landscape and get some control over the gardens, which had run riot over the previous 10 years.

So... October 2013..the phone rang, a soft Canadian accent on the other end, we arranged a day, and just like that, our first Wwoofer was sorted... and what a start, Aaron was everything you would want in a Wwoofer, easy going, up for trying any work we threw at him, great attitude and calm.

And so it started, that first few months we devised a rough plan of attack, starting with painting and then working out into the jungle, as the garden was at the time.

Over the next two years we averaged 5 Wwoofers continually, some for a week, some for months.

Like anything in life, there was Amazing, great, good and not so good, but the overall experience for both of us was massively positive and we have made some lifelong friends. So who were they all..we set up a facebook page 6 months into the Journey, Wwoofing in the Pocket, to keep a photographic record of the people and the work they did, this certainly didn't cover all of them, but it did cover a huge area of change, and we couldn't have done this journey without them.

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