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Put your feet up, The Farm's Three Blue Ducks, two-hatted restaurant, is looking after your dinner tonight.


Don't worry about making reservations, braving the nightlife after a long day of travel, or enduring mundane grocery shopping on your Byron holiday. Instead, you can settle into your little slice of paradise, relax by the pool in the privacy and comfort of your Airbnb, and enjoy restaurant-quality food without the hassle of a big cook-up.


What's included: Serves 2


- Three Blue Ducks ready-made curry of your choice (subject to availability)

- Seasonal Accompaniments

- Pappadams

- Mango Chutney 

- 2x Mini Magnums



- Thai Green Farm Curry Vegan & Gluten Free

- I Can't Believe It's Not "Butter Chicken" Dairy Free & Gluten Free

- Moroccan Meatballs 


** Meals are subject to availability. Upon ordering, choose your preference. 

24 hours notice required. 



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